the hen egg Faberge set

The Hen Egg: The Faberge Egg That Started It All

The Origins of the Hen Egg If you love all things related to art, or even if you’re a history buff. You’ve probably heard of the beautiful creations of Peter Carl Faberge. He created works of art that are both exquisitely designed and historically rich.…

Faberge Imperial Egg in all its beauty

How the Faberge Imperial Eggs Gained Momentum to Become the Unique Artifact That Everyone Wants to Own

The Unique Artifact That Everyone Wants to Own Art is something that’s subjective, and for this reason, people find and enjoy it in many different forms. Whether that’s a painting, song or dance, art plays a big part in our culture today. Its presence can…

Faberge museum in russia

Top 10 Faberge Museums That Every Faberge Fan Needs to Visit in His Lifetime

Faberge Museums That you Need Visit in Your Lifetime Art, in all of its forms, has been an important part of every culture. It plays a big role in understanding history from a cultural and societal aspect. One such artistic piece of history is the…

How to recognize an original Faberge egg

How Do You Spot an Original Faberge Egg from All Other Faberge Egg Replicas and Fakes?

How Do You Spot an Original Faberge Egg The Faberge egg is the masterpiece of jewelry designer Peter Carl Faberge in the late 1800’s in Russia. This work of art became popular first in the Imperial family. When Faberge was hired by Alexander III to create a…

Faberge jewelry variations

Top 10 Common Faberge Jewelry Types That Will Make You Glow

Faberge Jewelry Types That You Need to Recognize It is natural that jewelry is a big part of fashion in today’s modern generation. In many ways, it improves your life. There are many types of jewelry that you can see in the market. The most…

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